"Power Hour"
Hockey &
Figure Skating

Need a quick, intense power skating workout? Try our Power Hour!

The Power Hour is a one-hour skate that will get your blood pumping and your skates shaving. There’s no need to have a membership, lessons, or camp familiarity. The Power Hour is one hour of drop-in lessons that will improve your skating skills and condition your body like an elite skater. If you’re curious about the benefits of Power Skating or maybe don’t have the time in your schedule for a full lesson plan, then Power Hour is the perfect solution!

Hockey Power Hour

Drop-In | Every Sunday | September – June $45

The Hockey Power Hour focuses on balance, control, and explosiveness for hockey players. The coaches at PowerTech have more than 40 years of combined Power Skating instruction and you will be sure to leave the rink a better hockey player than when you showed up.

Figure Skating Power Hour

Drop – In | Sundays, September – May | Fridays, June – August

The Figure Skating Power hour will train edges, turns, speed, flow, and more. As a figure skater, you need your spins and jumps to be as perfect as possible, and the Power Hour is the perfect chance to practice your form and power under a professional coach.