I believe so much in Stacy and Nicole with Power Tech Specialist that I send Red Wing players as well as my own kids to train with them. I think that their skating knowledge and teaching techniques are second to none. Even more important, Stacy and Nicole have a great ability to push their skaters hard, while also showing great belief in each skater. Their skaters want to learn from them and each skater knows they’re getting better each Power Tech session. I can give no greater endorsement then where I send my players and my kids! My actions show the 100% belief I have in Stacy and Nicole.

Jeff Blashill
Coach of the NHL Detroit Red Wings


What a team! Nicole & Stacy have a passion for Coaching, a drive to succeed, and a willingness to support athletes through the process of attaining their own achievements. Focused on the details yet ever aware of the bigger picture, this Power Tech team is energetic and professional: a fabulous combination!!

Jadene & Ben Ferreira
Skating Success TM Inc.,


I have had the opportunity to work with Stacy and Nicole for the past 2 seasons, with two different levels of players and teams. Their assessment of the players is geared around age and ability level appropriateness, and a curriculum is used that progressively allows each player to work within themselves, and/or the group, and achieve improvement. Their attention to the detail of the skater’s strengths and weaknesses, along with their hands approach, puts the players in a solution-based environment. They watch, they listen, they teach…..they get results.

Dan Phelps
Coach of Victory Honda U16 AAA Team (previously the head coach of the ACHA Division one Adrian Bulldogs for 5 years)


Power Tech Hockey,

Over the last 2 seasons your organization has been one of the main development resources for the players of the Orchard Lake St. Mary’s Hockey Program and we look forward to our continued

It is nice to see the overall development combined with the discipline that players at this level both desire and require. Each week you are able to show your professionalism and experience in the weekly planning that you develop. Your plans are progressive from prior weeks, but rarely do I see you use the same drills, which is a tribute to your extensive development background.

I would recommend Power Tech Skating Specialists (Stacey Baber and Nicole Reitz) as I do to everyone, both players that need skating correction and continued development. In my opinion they are the number one skating development organization around.

Thank you for the opportunity you give my players.

Brian Klanow
Varsity Hockey Coach
Orchard Lake St. Mary’s