Hockey Private Lessons in Plymouth, MI
Team & Individual Instruction
Power Tech Specialists

If you’re looking for more individualized instruction, consider private lessons with Stacy or Nicole. Power Tech Specialists offers private and semi-private power skating lessons for hockey and figure skating for both individuals and teams.

Individual Power Skating Instruction

The advantage to individual lessons is that the skating instruction will focus less on overall theory and mechanics with power skating, and more about personalizing the drills for each individual skater. Stacy and Nicole have both worked with professional and semi-professional hockey players, and can take your skating to the next level with personalized training.

Our instructors will suggest specific drills and workouts that address the technique of the individual. This creates a more targeted program that can deliver results faster and more effectively than large group training or camps.

Team Power Skating Instruction

Team lessons are the perfect complement to any competitive team or program that is looking to add value for its players. Power Tech Specialists can help coaches create and manage off-season training programs for their team, as well as specific power skating lessons and practices. We address all of the aspects of training an elite hockey program from on-ice training and development to off-ice condition and strength training.

Team instruction is invaluable not only for the players, but also the coaches and administrators of any hockey program. With more than 40 years of combined hockey power skating instruction, Stacy and Nicole can educate hockey coaches on drills to use to improve and maintain the mechanics of their players year-round.

If you are seeking any private or semi-private power skating lessons for individuals or teams, please contact Power Tech Specialists. Rates and scheduling may vary depending on your specific needs.